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Threads being "hijacked" or off topic

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Posted 28 July 2006 - 09:18 AM

Lately, both Gotothelight and myself have noticed much non-cohesiveness with the threads.  A good topic will get started (or be going) and suddenly something non-sensical will appear.  If it's not completely off topic, it's about 10% on topic possibly relating to a sentence......rather than the whole basis of the discussion.  To me, it's analogous to hijacking a thread.   It's terribly irritating to those members who want to have logical discussions and it usually succeeds in ruining the whole momentum. John doesn't want to read a bunch of "mumbo jumbo" either.....especially when there are questions.  I'm all for free form thought patterns, but when it comes to a forum - you have to have some semblance.    If we see those types of posts, we are now going to delete them flat out.  If they continue from certain members, then those members will have to be put on moderator preview.  This isn't an attempt at censorship....it's an attempt to make the threads not read like an acid trip.  If you feel your post had merit....then start a thread yourself with it (rather than hijacking another one) - and start your own little acid trip.  I hope this helps resolve the complaints we have received.

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Posted 03 August 2006 - 11:18 AM

I think Jim's message about this was real clear, but obviously we're still having a problem. If you have something to say that's completely unrelated to a topic being discussed, please start your own topic about it. It's annoying, rude and frustrating for those trying to have a discussion to be constantly interrupted by posts that have little or nothing to so with the discussion. I know I don't like it, and those of you who have contacted me seem to feel the same way.

We're all here to discuss.. and we're all free to speak openly.. but please have a little consideration for other posters as well. This shouldn't be a real difficult concept to grasp.

Neither Jim nor I want to delete anyones posts, so please don't give us reason to, okay?