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Robby Krieger Conference

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Posted 12 July 2010 - 05:59 AM

January 25, 1993
Center Stage On-Line Chat Session

The following file is a transcript and has not been altered in
any way. All of the information that you see is as it was typed
directly by the guests(s) and emcee(s).


OnlineHost Good evening! Welcome to Center Stage and a very
special conference with Robby Krieger from the Robby
Krieger Band, former lead guitarist with the DOORS. Krieger authored
"Love Me Two Times", "Light My Fire" and other popular tunes. Active
in charity work, especially UNICEF, Krieger considers his work for
charity "a good cause" because most of the money goes to kids who
are five or under.

OnlineHost Earlier this month he was inducted into the Music

Hall of Fame along with former bandmates John Densmore
and Ray Manzarek. For his 1992-93 tour, Krieger has teamed up with
Skip Van Winki who plays the Hammond organ as well as the pedal
bass. Set for a full calendar of events, Robby has added Center
Stage on to his "tour" and he's fired up and ready to tackle your
questions, so fire away!

LindaG24 Our heartiest welcome to you Mr. Krieger!

R Krieger Hi Linda and everyone! I'd also like to add Dale
Alexander to that introduction, who was the former drummer with
Prince. He's from Minneapolis.

Question Cool!!!! What is your favorite tape Robby?

R Krieger Scotch tape!

Question Are there any bootlegs with Riders on the Storm?

R Krieger I would doubt that because we hardly ever played that
song in person.

Question What are you doing?

R Krieger Now I have a new band with the afore-mentioned players
and I'm starting to do sound track work. Also I'm doing paintings,
oil- paintings.

Comment I hope you appreciate all the great music you guys made.
And it's still GREAT!

R Krieger Thanks very much!

Question out of all the literature published about The Doors,
which work portrays The Doors most realistically? LindsaOf all the
books and literature about The Doors, which one portrayed The Doors
the most realistically?

R Krieger Let's see, that's a tough one, probably John Densmore's
book, "Riders on the Storm".

Comment Hi Robby, my favorite guitarist of all time

R Krieger Well that makes me feel good!

Question Robbie, how much of the money that you help raise for
UNICEF goes to pay bureacrats and administrators?

R Krieger Well, I wish I knew. That's why I try to make sure that
the benefits I do are on the up-and-up.

Question I understand that the singer from Pearl Jam gigged with
you recently. True? Did it go well?

R Krieger Yes it is true, he played with us at the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame, and he played with the Doors. Also he sat in with my
band at a gig we did in Santa Rosa.

Question What do you think of Stone's portrayal of yourself and
the band?

R Krieger Well I thought it tried to cover too many areas too
lightly. It failed to go deep enough into any of them. I thought Val
Kilmer did a great job.

Question What newbands(if any) do you listen to?

R Krieger Not a lot! I'm still waiting for the next new "thing" to
come by.

Question When's the last time you saw Jim Morrison and what's the
last thing he said to you?

R Krieger It was just before he left for Paris and he gave me a
copy of his poetry book. I forget what he said.

Question Rob, How did you meet Jim Morrison?

R Krieger John Densmore, the drummer, brought him over to my house
one day, and I played some guitar for him.

Question How do you think that the Doors have influenced today's

R Krieger Well - you see a lot of Doors influence in the new groups
U2 and Pearl Jam. I think it's more than a sound, it's an attitude.
Such as when a lot of people tried to capture Elvis' attitude.

Comment Please tell Rob I remember him from when they were in NY
all those wonderful yrs ago

R Krieger That's nice!

Question How do you like groups like Van Halen, and what do you
think of computer services such as this?

R Krieger Well, I like Van Halen a lot, the guitar playing. This is
the first computer service that I've had contact with, so I've yet
to form an opinion.

Question How do you feel about the current music scene -- namely
the grunge rock coming out of Seattle?

R Krieger I think that's a good thing. I don't think it's anything
new, but there's some good energy there.

Question Hey Robbie, which is your favorite Doors song?

R Krieger Now that's a tough one. "When the Music's Over".

Question How do we get tour dates???

R Krieger They call my agent, Jeff Blumenour.

Question when did you play the fillmore east?

R Krieger When? 1968 and 9. And 67 too!

Question Are you for or against bootlegs?

R Krieger Against, because they take material that an artist might
not want to have out in the public, and without his consent. Plus
the fact we don't get paid!

Question While playing in The Doors, who was, if anyone, your
greatest musical influence?

R Krieger Hmmm. I would say John Coltrane.

Question I really like "No Habla". Any future projects on IRS?

R Krieger I sort of doubt it, I'm looking for a different label now.

Question What do you think about Bruce Springsteen?

R Krieger Well I think he's written some great songs. He's a real
nice guy, I met him at the Hall of Fame.

Question did you enjoy your experience with the doors?

R Krieger Yes I did! Course at the time you don't realize how great
it was.

Question What did you think of Stone's movie "The Doors"

R Krieger It could've been worse, could've been better.

Question what are your hobbies R Krieger

R Krieger Skiing, pets, painting, golf and that's it.

Question What have some of your recent accomplishments included?

R Krieger Other than the benefits, I did some oil paintings that
were auctioned off for a benefit for AIDS. I have a painting right
now that is on tour with some of Jerry Garcia's and Ronny Wood's

Question Did you have fun on married with Children? -james jansson-

R Krieger Yes, they're a great bunch of people. I got to see my old
friends Sebastian and Richie Havens.

Question Is there any plans to release any DOORS concert
film\video that is not currently available?

R Krieger The Doors will release a boxed set including some neew
(new) unreleased material. Some live, some studio. That will be in
late 94.

Question Robby, how do you feel about "bootlegs"? Do you take
offense to the public bootlegging because it takes away from your
legitimate income or are you flattered that people like you enough
to bootleg your work?

R Krieger It is flattering, but it's not especially that we don't
get paid, but it's the idea that things get released to the public
that we might not want to be released. The Doors maintain a tight
control over what the record company can release, so when a bootleg
comes out, we lose that control.

Question Looking back, are you aware now how different your guitar
playing style sounded from the rest of herd in the si

R Krieger Yeah, in fact, I was always aware of that. I wanted it
that way.

Question do you think the music scene today is boring?

R Krieger I think MTV has ruined the music scene. It's taken all
the imagination out of it and put it in front of people's eyes.