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Jeff's take on Tribal Jazz

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Posted 13 October 2005 - 08:07 PM

Jeff, It seems like this board has your attention and we are getting alot of feedback and updates from you here.

I was wondering if you have ever had the chance to see Tribaljazz for yourself, and what you think of John going in a totally different direction like that?

And, can you tell us when his Tribaljazz CD will be released?   It seems like it has been promised and postponed for several years.

thank you.

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Posted 23 October 2005 - 11:20 AM

You know, three things that are undeniable to ME are:

1. ALL of The Doors, individually, are unbelievably amazing musicians, improvisers, showmen and creative geniuses in their respective genres/instruments. The Doors truly WERE "Four sides of a diamond";

2. That ROTS ARE really good live - say what you may, but they put on an exciting show, no matter what other controversies may swirl around them. Of course, it's not Morrison or Densmore up there, but the guitars and keyboards sound EXACTLY like The Doors. After all, Ray and Robby ARE amazing musicians and two sides of The Doors' "diamond," and to hear them stretch out live is alotta fun - their unique sound is unmistakeable, and;

3. John is an unbelievable drummer and percussionist, and yes, I love Tribaljazz! I have seen them live several times, and they have this otherworldly synthesis of jazz, world-beat, and modern chill sound (a la the band "St. Germaine"). Experiencing Tribaljazz is a dynamic, musical journey that takes the mind (well, MY mind, anyway) to a far and different shore, so to speak.

And the tableau of percussionists, reeds, keyboards, dancing, tribal costumes AND John Densmore guiding it all from his drum throne must be seen to be believed. His side of the "diamond," so to speak, was always influenced by jazz, samba, tribal/international beats, and world music, and to hear it come alive in an unfettered form is truly an exciting experience, especially for those whose hearts and minds beat with any resonance for jazz, percussion, tribal drumming and world music. Plus, when I listen to Tribaljazz, I hear so many Doors influences in there - or maybe vice-versa....but I find myself going, "Wow, I hear where the beat for 'Break On Through' came from now," or, "Hey, so THAT'S what John was doing in 'The End'!"

John is preparing his marketing and touring plans now for Tribaljazz, as I understand it, and I'd expect to see Tribaljazz launch sometime next Spring, possibly sooner. I think you may see a tour before you see the record, but, John would have to tell you that himself, as I am not always completely aware of what he is planning, exactly.

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Posted 26 October 2006 - 06:50 AM

Please Come To Scotland John! smile.gif  .